Rubik's Cube Exhibit

Here is an experience that I designed at Unified Field for the Liberty Science Center's Rubik's Cube Exhibit. The Liberty Science Center asked us to come up with a gestured experience where the user can play three games based off of three cognitive skills that you use to solve a Rubik's Cube. The three skills that we were asked to work off of was Pattern Recognition, Spatial Reasoning and Memory. 

The three games that we came up with reflect the three fundamental skills and are designed to be played using new gesture technology. We wanted to make the games challenging enough for a wide range of ages while keeping it fun and stimulating for all the users! 

This experience is shown in the first half of the video below. Title: Brain Moves

Art Director/Designer: BobbiJo McCauley
Engineer: Charles Yust


Client: Liberty Science Center
Agency: Unified Field